Animated Video of Drone Flight Over Conifer Forest

Animated Video of Drone Flight Over Woodland

Available surveys:

  • Compartment segmentation to aid in stratification and mapping forest management units based on canopy height using UAV
  • Pre-thinning forest inventory at a low cost (provides top height, productive area and stocking per Ha)
  • 3 dimensional point arrays for 3 D mapping and estimation of tree height (see animation below)
  • UAV used to create high resolution vegetation and habitat maps (see below)
  • Nesting and macro fauna surveys using thermal imagery
  • Monitoring diseases, crop nutrition, recovery from fire, windthrow damage and establishment problems using drone image analysis
  • Hydrology and topography analysis for drainage and road construction
  • Surveys over inaccessible areas

A vegetation classification map showing species mixture in a forest derived from spectral analysis of images captures from a drone survey